Come on, go fast! Pardew is parting in the windmill team.


Former manager Alan Pardew, Newcastle United parting with ADO Den Haag, who had just taken the position at the end of last year. Get quite disappointed that having to split up too quickly
    Alan Pardew, the famous English team manager. Has terminated the contract with the football club in the Old Ode Odyssey in Holland, which was completed. On Tuesday, April 28, just after being in the position for only 4 months.Former Newcastle United 58-year-old former manager of the Den Haak with a short-term contract until the end of this season. At the end of December last year and led the team to win only one match from 8 matches before the competition was suspended Because the spread of the virus "Covid-19"

Den Haak is currently in the relegation zone ranked 17th (last runner) in the Eredivisie table, with just 19 points from 26 matches, which is 7 points away from the safe zone. This season has been canceled. Causing them to receive merit Don't have to be relegated

    However, Den Haag decided not to continue with Pardew and has recently agreed to part with the approval of both sides, which the former boss "Salika Dong" admitted that he was quite disappointed to walk out.

    "Personally I have a good feeling about the club "Pardew Open Mind". I am happy with the emotions of the fans. And when looking back It was a great experience working in Holland. I regret that my time with the club ended just this. And wish them success in the future. "