Do this with Liverpool! Klopp received a heavy celebration, can not remember the Dortmund Championship


Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool boss Revealing that he couldn't remember anything when celebrating a heavy drink when leading Dortmund to win the double championship in the 2011/12 season and suggesting people not to drink completely because it will make you remember important moments in Not life at all Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager Admitted to being drunk so badly that they could not remember anything when celebrating the world over the lead "Yellow Tiger" Borussia Dortmund won the double championship on the season 2011/12 The German manager created a great Dortmund sausage land since taking over the reins in 2008. Throughout Klopp's club, he brought the "yellow tigers" from the team that had problems to the pace. Up to win the league in the season 2010/11, which is the end of 6 years of waiting for success. From then on, continuing to win by winning the league and Dave Bepal on the following season, Klopp admits that he was so hard to celebrate the season until he couldn't remember anything. "Our traditional way of celebrating It's like being an A-class baseball champion. Of the North West League "It was a great celebration. Which probably doesn't exist like this anymore It is the most extreme. It's a great party. I drank heavily in 2011, but in 2012 after double-winning I can't remember anything. (Celebration) As you can see, alcohol What effect does it have on people? Therefore do not drink You may lose memories in important moments in your life, "Klopp stated.