Premier League Preview: Brighton vs. Manchester United

Premier League Preview: Brighton vs. Manchester UnitedThe readiness of both

and Graham Potter teams. The struggling situation of relegation seems to have improved after the Premier League came back into action. By not losing anyone in the past 2 games, which their competitors are not unusual, both Leicester that can always tie And the highlight is slashing narrowly defeating Arsenal last week. Must see Seagull Partisans Will be able to maintain their own form or not when meeting with the giants like Manchester United in this game, the

condition of the team. Will not be able to use Adam Webster and José Gereido, who still have injuries, cannot enter the field to help the team in this game. Steven Alsatte still have to wait and see the symptoms before the game. Will start again,

predicting the 11 lineups
Goalkeeper - Ryan
Kong Klang-Skeleto, Dunk, Duffy, Bern
Midfielder - Property, Moy, Gross, Bissama, Tossard
Vanguard - Mo Pai

Man United,
the Red Devils themselves, are still hot, with no breaks as well. Although tired of the extra time recently to slash the defeat of Norwich in the FA Cup, coming back to the league game this week, Manchester United have a queue to visit Brighton in good form, not It is expected that Ole Gunnar Cholcha will return to use the best team again, hoping to grab 3 points, chasing pressure on Chelsea, the 4th

team. Condition before the match Will not be able to use Phil Jones in this game, as well as still need to check the readiness of the young defender Axel Dube, whether to be ready as an option in this game or not.

11 players expected real
Goalkeeper - De Gea
Kong Klang-Shaw, McGuire, Linde Love, Wan Bissaka,
Midfielder - McTomine, Pogba, Bruno,
Vanguard-Rashford, Marzilla, Greenwood


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