Anelka says he really doesn't want to leave Liverpool

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Nicolas Anelka said he was sincere and never wanted to part with Liverpool and said he didn't really like his time with Real Madrid.

    Former celebrity striker Nicolas Anelka revealed he was in fact wanting to sign for the Premier League giants Liverpool on a permanent basis when he was on loan at the 2001 season. 02

    Liverpool decided to borrow Anelka from Paris Saint-Germain. In December 2001 to represent Robbie Fowler, who was sold to Leeds United a month earlier. The former Frenchman has made 22 appearances for the team in all competitions. While achieving 5 goals, but in the end he wasn't with the team anymore And moved to Manchester City in the summer of 2002. 

Anelka revealed in a documentary shown on Net Flix that "Liverpool fans think I don't want to stay with the team. But they need to know that the truth is not at all. That's a very sad thing for me. That's a club where I might be able to show great performance. ”

    The 41-year-old former footballer said that when he moved from Arsenal to Real Madrid, the new players. "The White King" did not act as a friend to him. And made him hate the time he spent there a lot “When I moved to Real Madrid, I understood what it means to be a big star. And I absolutely hate it. After the press conference, I went straight to the dressing room. I arrived first and sat down. But then another player walked up to me and said, - This is my place. - When I found that, I replied - Oh, sorry. Can I sit here instead? - But then another player came in and said - This is my place - "

    "It happened 20 times, maybe it made me think - What am I doing here? It must have been an atmosphere full of antagonism - and what I experienced that day was just the beginning of a nightmare. Some sacrifices were required in order to stay there. And at that time I was too young to understand it The pressure is a lot. I have to go to a press conference every day. In the field, it's not good at all. I can't live my own life. I can't do anything. At the time, you were only 20 years old, but could not walk around on the streets. Everything you do will be talked about. Everything you buy will appear in the newspaper the following day. "

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