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How to Play Baccarat Basics easy money making
How to play baccarat online Basically, get paid every day. It's not difficult and you can do it yourself using techniques, formulas and tips that can increase your chances of winning. Baccarat online has more. A card game that has a simple playing style like other card games. Just predict which side will win in each round. The side with the highest score is 9 or the closest. It is classified as a game that can make money quickly and profitably because each betting round takes less than 1 minute.

To play the card game A total of 52 cards will be chosen as standard, 6-8 decks, depending on how much each table will use. According to the rules, the highest point is 9, the lowest point is 0, where 10 – J – Q – K is equal to 0 points, A is equal to 1 point, the other cards have points according to the face of the cards by bringing 2, 3 cards that have been added together, take only the unit digits If either side has more points That side will be the winner.

The meaning of the symbols in the slots on the Baccarat table
PLAYER (Player) – Player has more points than the dealer.
TIE (Tie) – Both sides have equal points.
Luckey Sick – Predict if the dealer wins with 6 points = pays 12 times for 2 cards and 20 times for three cards.
BANKER (Banker) – The banker has more points than the player.
PLAYER PAIR (Player Pair) – Player gets the same face of the first 2 cards.
PLAYER POK (Player POK) – Player will get 8,9 points in the first two cards.
BANKER POK (Banker Pok) – Banker gets 8,9 points on the first two cards.
BANKER PAIR (Banker Pair) – The dealer gets the same face of the first 2 cards.
How to place bets
The dealer will deal one card to the Player and Banker on each side, face down.
Players choose chips based on the amount they wish to wager 1 time.
Put the chip into the slots of the Player, Banker, Tie 1 slot within the specified time. There will be a countdown timer number to see in the corner of the screen.
To confirm, press on check mark But if you change your mind to cancel, press the X cross mark. (Some casinos have to press confirm. but some camps do not have to press)
At the end of the betting closing time The dealer will deal a 2nd card to both sides and show off.
The counting of points is similar to Pok, in that if the total is 0 – 4, the dealer will draw a third card. If the result of 5 – 7 is not drawn and 8 – 9 points, it is considered a good card or pok.
Which side has more points is the winner. The system sums up the winning outcome of the bet against the player's loss. and ready to start placing bets in the next round