"Neymar" beat! PSG slaughtered Saint-Etienne, 10 people 1-0, won the French Cup

Battle of the Cup Final On Friday night, 24 July, was the encounter between the top 12 champions, Paris Saint-Germain and Saint-Etienne, six times.

Thomas ฟุตบอล ออนไลน์ Tunkel, 46-year-old German trainer, PSG, has put on a big double set, putting Mauro Egardi and Kylian Mbapela net with great supporters like Neymar.

On the side of Claude Pau, the trainer of Saint Etienne, Wang Romen, Amuma and Denis Branco

The results เว็บแทงบอลUFABET show that the game started at 14 minutes, as PSG's side managed to break the lead. From the moment that Mbappe caught the right-hand corner in the penalty area, the goalkeeper Chase C. Moulins went through Saint-Etienne. Purposing with the left sword twice, wipe the beam in Send to the former champion 12 times to lead 1-0

Then, on the 31st minute, Saint-Etienne had to come to the top 10 from the moment the Lokpengen strangled and intercepted at Mbappe violently. In which the referee went to look back on the VAR screen and cut out the red card

At the same time, the rhythm became a cause for both players to have a crowd together. Until there were 5 yellow card players divided into Saint-Etienne 2 and PSG 3 In addition, PSG also had to lose Mbappe, whose right ankle flipped from being blocked by the heavy block, causing Pablo Sarabia to be substituted in the 33rd minute until finishing the first half. Is a former 12-time champion who led 1-0

Second half Saint-Etienne invaded heavily to score a goal. But the ball hasn't yet passed PSG support, which plays firmly

At the end of the game, the referee blows the match. Paris Saint-Germain Won 1-0 over Saint-Etienne, winning this event for the 13th time