Root germinate, do not care! Unfold "Alexis" shrugged, picking up Manchester United property until the end of the contract.


Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez is ready to act as an undercover player, playing with "Red Devils" Manchester United and receiving a full wage of 400,000 pounds (around 15.20 million baht) per week until the contract is complete. Even if not given a chance to enter the field

      Experience spearheading Moved away from Old Trafford to play on loan with Inter Milan this season, with the players seem to have no future with the "Red Devils" anymore, and the club is Trying to sell him out this summer To reduce the enormous burden of wage expenses

However, "ESPN" the world-class media reported that Sanchez doesn't seem to care to move away from Manchester United and is ready to stay with the label until the remaining 2 years to get. Complete wages despite being beaten by Ole Gunnar Solcha, a Norwegian coach Regardless

      At present, Manchester United still has to pay some wages to Sanchez during the move to play with the "Python" army, but they will still have to pay back the full wages, the media reported. Approximately 400,000 pounds per week when the footballers come back to live with the "Red Devils" อ่านต่อได้ที่.