What does Man U like? Juventus has already made a stand for "Deligit".


Juventus, the top football club of the Serie A Italian Serie A, has no plans to sell the Dutch star Mystique de Ligback. After the end of this season, according to reports from Tuotto Sport. Leading sports media, Macaroni On Thursday grinding on 9 April Juventus slammed Manchester United successfully, de-ligging from Ajax Amsterdam last summer. But recently there has been a rumor that "Red Devils" is preparing to try again to grab the DeLic to support the line, which may use Paul Pogba as a lure for Juve to give up because "Zebra" is interested to pull Pogba back to the Allianz stadium. However, most recently, Stuttgart Sports states that Juventus has no idea to sell. The 20-year-old Holland national team defender this summer Although many people think that Deligit is not worth the work, 75 million euros (about 2,700 million baht)For this season, De Lig has played for Juventus in 27 matches, achieving 2 goals. อ่านต่อได้ที่.