Crisis? Barcelona executive board resigns for 6 people


Barcelona's 6 executive boards submitted a request to resign. And suggested that a meeting should be held on the selection of the new president as soon as the problems of the life of Kovit-19 had already passed. Barcelona's 6-person executive board, the giant club of La Liga, Spain, intends to resign. After the last period "Azul Lana Rana" has a hard curtain on the field.

    Although the work on the field of Barcelona is still at a satisfactory level. But they have been harshly complaining about off-field issues in the past Such as conflicts between the board and many players about policies Whether to reinforce the army And to help the society, the news says that the Barcelona executive board paid media companies to have those media attack Barcelona's rival, the sports director Eric Abidal. Lona has said that some of the team's players are lazy when there is still Ernesto Balberdeen as a trainer, which makes Lionel Messi extremely dissatisfied. And that they think to solve financial problems during the Covid-19 virus. Is pandemic By suspending some of the staff in the team And the government to help pay the staff wages to 70 percent, even when they have enough income อ่านต่อได้ที่.