Which match? Van Diik revealed that the only game watched during detention


Liverpool defender Feril van Dijk said that he was detained in that house. He watched only one football game. By being a young star and playing as a right back Ready to admit that it was also a surprise that at that time he played in that position.
   Ferguson van Dike, a talented defender from Liverpool, the top club of the English Premier League stage, said that during the detention in that house. They have only looked back at one football game. That is the era that is still a rising star.Van Dyke was forced to stay in the house on the advice of the UK government. After now, the virus, Covid-19 Is plaguing heavily Which gives him more free time than having to practice at Melwood enough The Dutch star is interviewed on the club's official website that "Honestly speaking I didn't watch many football games. Especially those games this season I didn't specifically look back at any games in this season. I don't know why to do that อ่านต่อได้ที่.