See the future! Pogba reveals who says he's going to come back with Man U


Paul Pogba, Manchester United midfielder, stated that when he said goodbye to the team in 2012, his mother, Ye, said that in the end he had to come back and snoop the "Red Devils" again and revealed the most happy to receive. Back with the team Because he considered himself to have unresolved issues with Manchester United
    Paul Pogba, the famous Manchester United midfielder of the English Premier League club, said that his mother, Ye Pogba, had said when he said goodbye to the team in 2012 that he would finally come back. Stay with the "Red Devil" for sure.Pogba collected stuff from Le Havre's academy to train at Manchester United's Youth Development Center in 2009, where he made a remarkable contribution to the young team, which has been highly watched. However, at that time he was not given the opportunity to play with the big team as he should. By having played just 7 matches in all competitions only That said, the French star decided to leave the team without a fee to stay with Juventus in the summer of 2012, which he did a great job with "Bianconeri", resulting in Manchester United to spend 105 million euros in initial money (about 3,675 million) to pull him back with the team. In the summer of 2016  Pogba gave an interview on Manchester United's podcast, "My brother, a United disciple, told me that he was very angry. That I didn't play Maybe he's even more angry than me. At that time he said that - do not rush to move the team to play for this team. If they don't want you to be here then Better move to play elsewhere They will know soon. " อ่านต่อได้ที่.