Terry revealed that there are 2 teams trying to pull themselves away from Chelsea.


John Terry, legendary Chelsea quarterback, the top club of the English Premier League stage revealed that when they were with "Indigo Blue Lions". Huddersfield Town and Manchester City used to try to pull themselves into the army. Terry played for Chelsea for the first time in 1998, before staying with the team until 2017 due to the expiration of his contract with the team. In which the 39-year-old former footballer helped the team win many championships Such as the 5-time league champions and 1 time of the UEFA Champions League champions.Terry said, "During my career, one of the two teams that bought me was Huddersfield It happened when I first stepped up to the first team. At that time, Steve Bruce was the manager. Huddersfield, who at first accepted the offer, but (Chelsea manager at that time Gianluca) Willie refused to sell me. No doubt I am very much indebted to Luka. He gave me the opportunity to debut with the team. He is a wonderful person. And is a good manager. And then Manchester City contacted me to buy me. Manchester City contacted Chelsea and made an official proposal. At that time I went to talk to the owner of the team in the face and said that - I never want to leave Chelsea. That is the truth. If you want to sell me, it's another matter. But let me tell you that I never wanted to leave this football club - at that time I was about to get a new contract. Finally, we agreed to sign a new contract, reaching an agreement. And I am with the team for the next 5 or 6 years. They are just 2 teams that contacted me to buy. " Although Terry wasn't specific about when Manchester City contacted him to buy him But can be believed to be in 2009 because earlier Garry Cook, former executive chairman of "The Blues" admitted that during the summer of 2009, Manchester City used to grab Terry to join the gang but were not happy.