HENDO Eating Frustration? Media unfold, PFA Awards may suspend this year


Elite media juxtaposition City Professional Footballers Association Sea แ ww will not give away the best footballer PFA this year after the announcement of the gala dinner was canceled. If true, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson The favorite to win this prize is to eat frustration.The Football Association of England (PFA) is expected to suspend the award of the best player of the season 2019/2020, which is the first time since 1973 after the announcement of the gala dinner has been announced. Li-mail, the famous media in England For this prestigious award will be given to players. And young players who have made remarkable contributions The ceremony will take place at the Manchester Victoria House on 26 April. However, due to the outbreak of the virus, Covid-19 Causing everything to change Jordan Henderson, captain of the Leurpool team It was predicted to be a candidate for this award, with his partner Sadao Mane and Kevin De Bruyne the Playmaker. "The Blues" Manchester City has the opportunity to intervene while Trent Alexander-Arnold Expected to win the best young footballers However, at this time, it is highly possible that the award, which has been held for 46 consecutive years, will not occur due to the effects of the spread of the deadly virus. The media elite reported that the gala dinner has been canceled. And there is no new date set yet in the future In addition, PFA is not in a position to reveal the list of 6 players who are eligible for this prize. After the football game, need to pause, suspend