Cowid can't do anything! Man Utd Dortmund prepares to "Sancho" to join the army


Red Devils" Manchester United, the English Premier League club, is about to get Jedon Sancho from the "Yellow Tiger" Borussia Dortmund from the disclosure of The Sun. " Leading media in the land of elite

          Sancho has become one of the players that has been watched by the big clubs all over Europe, especially Manchester United and Chelsea showing interest. England football star To strengthen during the first round of player market

           From the report that it looks like the team of Ole Gunnar Solcha has beat Chelsea, when it is identified as "Red Devils" and Dortmund have agreed to almost everything in detail. Sancho's team moved to Old Trafford.

          Meanwhile, "The Sun" also states that Sancho will receive a long-term contract. With wages, bonuses, and a huge contract tear After secretly arranging In the last several months, Manchester United have also agreed on player fees with Dortmund, which is expected to become the most expensive statistics on the British Isles.

           However, Dortmund wants Sancho's bid to bid farewell to Manchester City from the age of 17 to play with the "Yellow Tiger" for more than 89 million pounds (about 3,382 million baht), which is the number "Redde "Will paid Juventus to pull Paul Pogba back to the team in 2016.