Someone has taught me! Henderson reveals why he doesn't ask to exchange shirt with Messi


Liverpool midfielder Henderson Henderson stated that when he had a duel with Barcelona in the previous season, he had never thought of exchanging kits with Lionel Messi after Roy Keane had taught it. Inappropriate And added that on that day, Luis Suarez exchanged a set of matches with him in order to show good friendliness from each other since Suarez played for the "Red Swan" before.Jordan Henderson, midfielder, captain of Liverpool, the English Premier League giants, said he had not agreed to exchange for a kit with Barcelona striker Lionel Messi because of legendary midfielder Roy Keane. Leinster United used to teach them that doing so seems like a reverence for competitors.The first UEFA Champions League semi-final of the 2018-19 season in which Liverpool visited Barcelona was the first time Henderson fought with Messi, even that day. " Reds "will lose 0-3, but in the second match, the coach of Jürgen Klopp defeats the other team 4-0, resulting in the finals being won by 2 matches. 4- 3 Before finally winning the championship Henderson said: "I was changed on the field quite quickly because Nabie Keita was injured. It was the first time I had a duel with Lionel Messi on the field. It's not like you thought to yourself - God saved him as a living person - but without a doubt he played differently than you. Used to watch him on TV (Meaning having a real duel with Messi. It's different from watching it on television). He's very fast now, after sitting back and thinking about that free kick. I still can't believe how he got into it. At first I thought that he would pass a short ball. To others I used to tell you that I think Ali (meaning Alesson Becker) is a very good person, but Messi shoots at one point where Ali has no way to save. Excellent He hit the full steam. And the ball is both high speed and extremely accurate It's a perfect door.