How beautiful is it to watch! Open the new warped sweetheart, Starman City


Bernardo Silva, Portuguese midfielder "The Blues" Manchester City is planting a love tree again with a beautiful model, a fellow countryman. After heartbroken, crushing love and separation with Alicia Verando, a former sweetheart, a French blood model The 25-year-old midfielder parted ways with Verando almost 2 years ago, after having been a single person for a long time. Now the blood-soaked football has opened 4 heart chambers again after being in a relationship with Thomas. According to the disclosure of the Corrida de Managna, the Portuguese media.The famous media, Dan Foi Thong, quoted quotes from close sources. Portugal national team midfielder Regarding the new relationship, the sister of Marina, the representative of Portugal who entered the Miss Global 2017 contest, "They haven't been together for very long. And they want to do many Gradual "However, there are reports that an important reason Former Monaco midfielder The relationship ended almost 2 years with Verando because the woman was not happy with the weather too cold. And it rains almost every day in England