Avra reveals the most confident. Close the 2 famous deals, but in the end, take the first place.


Patrice Evra stated before Sir Alex Ferguson would lay hands on that team The former Scott boss told him that he was 99 percent confident that Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale would be with the team, and that Ronaldinho actually had Do agreed to return to work with Ferguson as well.  Patrice Evra, former top left-back of Manchester United, the famous club of the English Premier League, revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary Scott manager Used to show confidence that Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale can join the army in 2013, but finally put their hands on the team first.Ferguson has said goodbye to his career as a coach in 2013, with a lot of success with Manchester United, such as the 13 league titles, the FA Cup 5 times and the UEFA Champions League 2 times. That he laid hands on that team Many people in the football industry are very shocked. Because before that the person still seemed thirsty for success Especially if he wants to win more "Big Ear" cups Evra revealed on the Manchester United podcast, "You know what? You spoke of my most difficult period. (During playing with Manchester United) and personally I would probably answer that it might be this. (Referring to Ferguson Retire) This was 2 weeks before the incident. I remember very well that the media played hard on the news that Ferguson might retire next year. At that time, he told myself - Patrice, I will never retire. I will stay here for another 10 years - "