Neville pointed out that Liverpool deserved to win the league, but next year they teased the media.


Gary Neville, a former Manchester United right-back, stated that, if this season can't be played, Liverpool deserves to win the league title, but revealing if that's true They may wish to request a little "Red Swan" wheels next season.Gary Neville, Manchester United's right-back legend, believes that it should be handed the English Premier League champions this season to Liverpool if they can not really compete again.This season, Liverpool have done a great job in the league. Until making only 6 more points for guaranteeing the league championship But the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus Causing the league to be suspended And resulting in them not being guaranteed a championship It's unclear whether the Premier League will finally be able to kick back in every match. While some countries, such as France and Holland, have already cut their league matches for the 2019-20 season.Neville, the elder, said, "I think it must be very silly. If the league is not given to Liverpool, however, from the perspective of the team in the group's final table I think that it looks as stupid as To make those teams fall down, even though their points are close together We have already seen that some countries are giving away league champions. Some countries choose to invalidate I don't think null and void is a suitable choice for what happens at the level of Premier League "I would not have even escaped from the country (if Liverpool were to win the league), I think seeing them win is less painful. They will win the championship without anyone watching on the field. And I didn't go on the field too I think I will make a T-shirt with an asterisk printed. (Media that have won with conditions In order to tease that Liverpool have won the conditional championship) or attach an asterisk on the Sky show next season for 1 season, just to be slightly funny. "