Implicit in the league together! Barcelona and Suarez are out of the team.


Many clubs in the league are rekindled. Because the latest Barcelona news is ready to throw away Luis Suarez, the spearhead star behind the team after this season. Because wanting to reduce the burden of expenses  Barcelona top football club in La Liga, Spain, ready to consider selling Luis Suarez, the talented Uruguayan striker. After this season, according to reports from Marca, the leading sports media fierce bull. On Saturday 2 May the past Although Barcelona is looking for a new face. But there is speculation that Suarez will be able to stay in the net in Camp Nou next season, but the latest Marca said that the Barca executives decided to accept the proposal. Buy the 33-year-old shooting star because he wants to reduce the burden on player wages. In the midst of an uncertain economy After the spread of the virus "Covid-19"During the recent news that Many clubs in the Major League Soccer (MLS) United States are interested to sign a contract with the former Liverpool spearhead, which was previously referred to as Not closing the opportunity to move to the football league in Uncle Sam as well. Suarez, who moved from "Reds" in 2014, has played for 270 goals in 191 appearances in Barcelona.