Shock the Chinese football industry! The former club that Kanavaro used to control announced the dissolution of the team.


Tianjin Tian Hai, the famous Chinese super league club, has officially announced the dissolution of the team on Tuesday 12 May. In which this team had hired Fabio Cannavaro, the legendary captain of the Italian national team Acting to hold on and grabbed Alexander Spato, the pioneering Brazilian national team. Tianjin Club Must face financial problems in paying a lot of debt. Ever since the "Chuan Jian" business group, the previous owner has been arrested for doing illegal business since January of the previous year. Which led to the name change from "Tianjin Chuan Jian" to the current name The statement of Tianjin Tian Hai stated that "With the financial situation is not stable. The club is no longer able to maintain its normal operation. After taking a long time to think about it .. the club had no choice but to officially announce that Tianjin Tianhai has collapsed. "The collapse of the Tianjin Tianhai club, which finished 2nd in the table in the league's highest league last year, causing Shenzhen FC, which fell to the top after the plum. Got the right to return to compete in the Chinese Super League in the 2020 season  For Tianjin, it is one of the most ambitious clubs. During the golden age of Chinese football They invest hundreds of millions of dollars to hire foreign coaches. And highly talented players joining the team. In 2017, finished 3rd and qualified for the Asian Champions League qualifier for the first time under the reins of Cannavaro In addition, they also create a team with unlimited payments to pull the former star Alexander Alexander "Black Devil" AC Milan, Belgium national team midfielder Axel Witsel. (Currently playing for Borussia Dortmund) and Anthony Modest, shooting star for Blood, French etc.