Gomes stripped Manchester United, may surprise 1 team in the Premier League


The mirror of England's media reported that Angelel Gomes denied the new contract that Manchester United offered, although the contract is about to expire with the team, while Chelsea is confident that it is nearing to go. Eames joins the army Angelic Gomes, a young midfielder of Manchester United, the leading club of the English Premier League, denied a new contract that the agency filed for, according to the Mirror's famous media reports.Gomes is a rising star who has been watched by Manchester United people for a while and the 19-year-old has already reached the England Under-20 team, but his contract with the team is effective. Until this 30th June only The future of the News concerned with uncertainty over the past, with Gomes having news with Barcelona as well.However, Manchester United is constantly trying to renew his contract. And recently offered to give him 30,000 pounds of wages a week (about 1.2 million baht), but Gomes also denied the latest contract the team offered Because he wants to have the opportunity to play in a large team continuously This season, referred to the field in the senior team games of Manchester United, just 6 matches from all items. It is believed that Manchester United is still hoping to catch him on his contract.

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