It's the mood! "Boyata" survived. Beer city league does not punish behind the cheek.


The 5 big league football games in Europe come back to grind again. The Bundesliga Germany is the first league that is ready and officially returned to the field amid the spread of the coronary virus (Covid-19) on Saturday 16 May.

Every club in the Beer City league that competes must be under the regulations of the organizing team for safety. With closed-field competitions Not allowing football fans to enter the stadium The substitute players must wear a mask at all times. And the seat must be spaced apart Except for the coaches that are allowed to shout commands without wearing masks 

In terms of showing joy after scoring goals The organizing team has a guide to not allowing players to embrace or touch hands. By suggesting to knock the elbow into place instead In order to reduce the risk of virus infection

However, in the match at the Pretoria Arena between Hoffenheim and Hertha Berlin, home away from defender Eric Boyata, the forgotten defender, accidentally attacked by Marco Grug The midfielder Yit's team-mates really came after the attacking side, attacking the 3-0 victory.Many sides expect that the 29-year-old defender might be punished by the competition, but recently, a spokesman for the NFL said that "This will not be punished in any way. The celebration of the goals in the guide that we gave is just an introduction. Is not a rule in any way "