Being heavily condemned! FC Sol uses rubber dolls as football fans to sit and cheer on the stands.


 The drama happened in the South Korean K-League match between FC Seoul and Gwangju FC at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which returned to compete on Sunday May 17 at The past In the game, in order to prevent the spread of the coronary virus (Covid-19), the competition was forced under strict measures by the side by banning football fans from cheering on the field.However, the home team doesn't want the stadium to be empty. Instead, rubber dolls were used to wear the football club shirts. Track various seats In order to create an atmosphere that is like football fans watching on their stadium But it turned out to be attacked by football fans who disagreed with bringing sex toys onto the field "It's a great shame. They choose to use rubber dolls to get involved in this, "one football fan said.In the ensuing time, FC Seoul issued an apology statement for this action. As well as blaming the mistake of the purchasing department who instead opted to buy sex toys Used to create an atmosphere of cheer, instead of a signboard like other European clubs As for the football match, in the past two matches, Ulsan Hyundai took the lead with 6 points, while FC Sol ranked 6th with 3 points from victory over Gwangju. FC 1-0 in the latest match

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