"Rabiot" agreed to return to Italy for detention 14 days before practice


French midfielder  Adrienne Rabiot Will arrive in Turin this Wednesday, while Gonzalo Iguana, the striker Argentin Will return to Italy on Friday

Previously, Rabiot became an issue with Juventus's agency because they have not reported back to the team like other foreign teammates. Who examined the body for the vaccine-Covid-19 Each other last week 

French journalist Philippe Song Fourche of RTL reports that Rabiot is fully convinced that he has done nothing wrong. And will arrive in Turin tomorrow After fulfilling the training program received in the mail in all respects

The Italian media predicted that Iguilain will return to Italy on Friday. After asking for permission, the club returned to visit the sick mother and Bianconeri was to stay as an extra case for another week. 

Juventus wants to call back all foreign players. They have to be detained for 14 days after arriving in Italy, which Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in the process. But calling fitness in the gym at home

However, Rabiot and Iguayin will need to detain at least 14 days before being checked at J. Medical before returning to the practice field to meet with other teammates.

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