Give me 2 more points! "Salah" pointed the Reds closer to the Premier League championship.


Mohamed Salah, the talented striker of "Reds" Liverpool, came out after the game at Liverpool. Avalanche beat Crystal Palace 4-0 at Anfield on Wednesday.With Mohamed Salah feeling that the team is approaching the success he has been aiming for since joining Liverpool for the first time. Like taking the Premier League championship to another step The talented striker Liverpool said: "I feel very good. Since I moved here I used to say that I want to win the Premier League with the team. This city has not won the league for a long time. Therefore it was the right time. ""Last year, maybe we had a chance to win it, but Manchester City's form really good. And they got the championship It's time for us to win some time. And it's a great story. "Mohamed Salah continued: "2 points left to win the league is great. We have shown great form today. And all the players can play incredible  บอล ออนไลน์