Atalanta form brutal attack, Brescia 6-2 up against Serie A

Competitive Soccer Standings Italian Serie A match at 33 on Tuesday, 14 July, the last one a couple of days between Atalanta Open G Swiss resident's stadium to welcome the visit of the Bay. Tea flavor

The host will not have Louis Muriel hit the house in the morning until the scan. Which today will change to 7 positions from the game that went unbeaten with Juventus 2-2 on Saturday. Will be commissioned to guard the post The back panel will be Mattia Caldara and Adrienne Tamese has come down as the real one. The midfield is used as Robin Gozen and Bosco Zutalo, while the offensive line Ruslan Malinovski and Mario Pasalic will be back on the field.

The results show that Atalanta has performed as expected with the superior quality of the team before chasing the overwhelming 6-1 victory over. Mario Pasalic made the first hat-trick in his career after breaking in The 2nd, 55th and 58th minute, while the other 3 goals were the works of Marten Deron, Ruslan Malinovskiy and Doowan Zapata.

The away goals of the visiting team from Ernesto Torre Grosza in the 8th minute. This victory allowed Atalanta to increase to 70 points, passing both Inter and Lazio. To hold the second team behind Juventus by 6 points

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