Is there a problem? Rumors about Mais Scholes moving away from home and not wearing a wedding ring.

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Paul Scholes' life may face a crisis after his wife Claire has left the house despite being together for a long time. And said that she no longer wore a wedding ring too According to The Sun, British media

Claire Coles, wife of Paul Scholes, the legendary midfielder of Manchester United, the English Premier League giants, has left home with her husband for the past 21 years, according to reports. The Sun, the media of the city's elite.

    The former celebrity and Claire met in love since they were only 18 years old at that time when they met at a pub. Before getting married in the next 6 years, they have 3 children as well. The house they live in is in Saddleworth. Of Greater Manchester, where they bought this house shortly after the 1998 World Cup

A source said "You will feel very sympathetic to them. Because both of them always give the most importance to family matters. They have always been together. And no one expected that this would happen. "

    The original media added that Claire is now living a short distance from her home and the famous celebrity. Which takes only 20 minutes to travel But she no longer wore a wedding ring In which the former English star player loved her very much Having said that thinking of too much Claire is one of the reasons he quit playing for England when he was only 29 years old.

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