Here it is! "Siege" practicing with Chelsea for the first time

มาแล้ว! "ซิเยค" ลงซ้อมกับเชลซีเป็นครั้งแรก

Red-winged Hakim Siyak, Chelsea, rehearsing the first meal with the new agency already With a bright face There are also talks with the legendary club celebrities such as Peter Czech.

            Chelsea's new star,    Kim Kim Siek, billionaire in the English Premier League, has stretched out at Cobham's practice court for the first time. On Saturday, July 11, past 

              The 27-year-old Moroccan football star, who closed the deal, moved from Ajax Amsterdam for a fee of 37.8 million pounds (about 1,474.2 million baht) since mid-February. Captured while doing light training at Cobham and also talking to Peter Czech, the legendary Chelsea goalkeeper who now serves as the club's technical advisor. 

Although unable to enter the field to help the new agency this season, but Frank Lampard, the manager of "Sing the Blues", has already suggested that he plans to allow Ziyak to practice with the big team in Coming soon 

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