The toughest rival! Giggs holds up on former Arsenal player for one hard time


Former Manchester United wing Ryan Giggs has stated that Dixon, a former Arsenal player, is one of the rivals that makes him the most difficult to play, personally accepting and dueling at Dickens at O Trafford Nest, the home of "Red Devils" rather than Highbury
    Ryan Giggs, the legendary wing of Manchester United, the English Premier League giants, has praised Arsenal's former full-backs for being one of the competitors that made their job. Most difficult Having played with the Manchester United team for over 14 years, Giggs has been able to duel with many talented full-backs. Former Welsh players have both games that beat those full-backs. have And was stopped until unable to play  Giggs says, "I often say that Lee Dickson is one of the competitors that I can handle the most. Because he is a very fast person And also being smart in playing He always predicts that distance is exactly Normally, players in a full-back position can't do that. Especially those whose speed is the highlight Because they tend to think that they will run in time regardless of how far away they are. ""Dixon always has the right distance. And you can't turn yourself to escape from his articulation If you have the ball to win He will chase after you in order to prevent you from spinning. Or force you to make a decision (Until causing the player to miss) anyway "