Giggs point out how many Man U must shop to reach the top 2 teams


Ryan Giggs stated that if Manchester United wish to go up to Liverpool and Manchester City, then it is necessary to shop for 3 players suitable for the team, even if the "Red Devils" are going in the right direction. And then  

Ryan Giggs, legendary wing of Manchester United, the top club of the English Premier League, believes that the "Red Devils" still need to strengthen the army by another 3 people to be able to rise to the same level as Liverpool and Manchester. Leinster City

    Manchester United has done well in the last two seasons, unbeaten in 19 consecutive matches in all competitions. Which makes some people see that they now have the hope to win the Premier League next season 

 Giggs said: "I think we are still away from City and Liverpool with the need to add 2 or 3 additional players. Now they are getting players with good personalities to join the army. You see, (Bruno) Fernandes has a very high leadership. He seems to have great personalities of (Harry) Maguire was the captain of their team on. "

    "The important thing is not just having a player on the team But it's about having a good culture, having a personality that can make everyone on the team play better Not just in the real group only Including having a personality that will benefit the overall feeling of the club They are moving in the right direction. But I believe that we still need 3 new players. 

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