Professional descent! "Lampard" delighted to form "Shirou" double man.

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Frank Lampard, the Chelsea coach, can't stand. See Olivier Giroud, the old spearhead who showed great form to help defeat Manchester United 3-1 in the playoffs. FA Cup on Sunday, including the spearhead of the French blood. Is an example of professionalism 

    Frank Lampard, the manager of the "Navy Lions" Chelsea, praised the form of Olivier Giroud, an experienced striker who played an important part in the 3-game win over Manchester United. 1 at Wembley Stadium, FA Cup Finals On Sunday 19 July the past

    Giroud shows that 33 years of age is not an obstacle to high level gaming. He showed his experience by running away from Victor Linde de Love before going to the meeting point and managing to kick the ball from Marcos Alonso's opening through David De Gea's hand. Spanish checkpoint Go inside the net. Giving the team an advantage before the end of the first half

While the second half French blood star Still can stir the game for Manchester United continuously, Lampard is open, "He is a great example. He took advantage of this season of his season. Tammy Abraham is doing well. Olivier doesn't get much chance. But he is still looking forward to practice continuously. "

    "He almost moved the team in January. But didn't go anywhere He has a very positive attitude. He is easy to talk because he is professional. I am not surprised at all. He is really awesome Rising footballers should watch every Like from him about what is needed to be a professional "

    "Whether it is honesty, humility He is an excellent player. He now receives the reward he deserves. And I get a player who can score goals consistently with "the legendary Chelsea midfielder and England Conclude In addition, "Lamps" confirm that this summer, Chelsea will have new players. Come in to reinforce the army In order to build strength And stepping up to win the Premier League championship against Liverpool and Manchester City. "For what we do this summer There are probably many other players moving in. We want to win in the final game (FA Cup). We want to do this. " 

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