Solcha opens his heart after knowing the result of catching the Europa League.


After the lottery, UEFA Europa League round 8, the final team with the playoffs is completed. Along with many people calling for Manchester United to become the favorites, Ole Gunnar Solcha, the "Red Devils" coach, has said that he has not thought that far. But added that he is excited to have the opportunity to meet Wolfs, including former team-mates like Ashley and Romelu Lukaku, who are now with Inter 

 Ole Gunnar Solcha, manager of Manchester United, the English Premier League club, said he didn't want to think too far about the possibility that his team had a chance to win the UEFA Europa League. To dominate this season or not

    Manchester United almost guaranteed the final 16 teams. After attacking in the first match to win the team from the Austrian league LKS Linz 5-0. On Friday, 10 July, there was a semi-final draw and the semi-final in advance. If the final 8 teams get "Red Devils", will meet with a winner between Copenhagen or Istanbul-Bazakhsehir. And if they get to the playoffs, they'll have a chance to meet with Wolves, As Roma, Sevilla and Olympiacos.


    The Europa League battle will be kicked back in August. In which some casinos have reached the opening price for Manchester United as the number one favorite to win the championship After this they are doing a great job to the unbeaten 17 consecutive matches in all shows.

    The Norwegian coach revealed that "I don't want to think too far. Because I think we should concentrate more on the next appointment Right now, we are in a position to focus mainly on league games. But of course, when you look at possible programs You will see that we have the opportunity to meet Wolves, as well as the opportunity to meet with Ashley (Young) and Romelu (Lukaku) (the only chance that Manchester United and Inter will meet. Is the final) "

    "For this reason, it will be a very interesting game. And we have to move on (If hoping to play those games in the semifinals), I hope we can pass the quarterfinals. But it's like we said before that we need to close the game with LA KS first. "

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