Don't miss out! Williams remind Man U to get ahead of the Champions League


Brandon Williams, the left-back star of Manchester United, fired "the Red Devils" to have to show their pace in the Champions League Cup next season, along with encouraging teammates to overthrow Leicester City in The game closes this season on Sunday. 

     Brandon Williams, the left- back star of Manchester United, the club of the English Premier League giants, confirms that their agency needs to win quotas for the UEFA Champions League next season.

Latest league game On Wednesday, July 22, Manchester United can only open the nest at Old Trafford, always 1-1 with West Ham United, which even made them rank third in the Premier League table. The league, however, led the Chelsea team to fourth place with a better goal-loss and was only one point above Leicester City. The only
     "Red Devils" had a visiting attack. "Siam Fox" at the King Power Stadium in the final game of the season. Sunday, July 26, which Williams urged friends to join the team to try to win. In order to come back to the biggest European cup competition again 


     "Of course we want to win that game (with West Ham) but it is the result. That puts us up in the ranking that we want Which is the top four Now we will attack Leicester with confidence to win. Because we are the greatest club in the world And we need to play in a worthy place Which is the Champions League "

     "We have worked so hard to get to this point. And we need to keep it Therefore, we will invade there. To win We must not be nervous. Just try to play as we want, " said the 19-year-old good blood striker, told MUTV.

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