Imbued with tears! "Lullana" said Liverpool farewell.

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Liverpool's England midfielder Adam Lallana says goodbye to "Reds" after helping the team to win the English Premier League title this season. This is a happy and sad time. But he will look back with joy to wear "The Red"

    The experienced midfielder Adam Lallana Liverpool is deeply open after the players prepare to wave goodbye to Anfield. After this season Specifies very lucky To be one of the military commanders "Red Swan" and won many many with this club.

    The 32-year-old British star has just extended his short-term contract with the agency because this season has to be extended because of the outbreak of the virus, Covid-19. Not much opportunity to enter the field this season However, the players are important to the success of the team, especially the win of the English Premier League.

 Previously, German manager Jürgen Klopp praised Lallana as one of the most influential players he has ever worked with. And still being highly professional For the past 6 years with "The Red" players have played about 178 games from all shows. And bring success to many teams

    Lullana, who is preparing to move to join Brendan Rodgers, the former boss who currently supervises the "The Fox" army, Leicester City opens up, "It's really perfect. Of course, this is a sad day. Because this will be my last time at Anfield. But everything is normal. "

    "I moved to Liverpool to win the championship. And I am very lucky That can be champions, champions league, club world cup, premier league, super cup. So this is a very happy day. And I will look back with a very happy feeling, " Lullana stated.

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