proud! "Rashford" pleased with the donation of food for nearly a billion children.


Manchester United pioneered Marcus Rashford, with great joy after helping to raise funds to feed the children. During the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the money donated by generous donors at this time has already exceeded 20 million pounds.

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford says the new "Red Devils" are proud of being able to raise over 20 million pounds (around 760 million baht) to help provide food to children. During the crisis of the Covid-19 virus epidemic

           In the past, footballers were together to help donate money. And doing charitable work in these dire times, with Rashford being one of the movie stars collaborating with the FareShare charity to provide food to children That must rely on food from the school, which must temporarily close the course Resulting in children Who had previously eaten free from the school, had eaten as well 

Rashford is open about the enormous amount of donations that "I think I can now be around 20 million pounds right now. It's a lot of money. At first the amount of the donation was gradual. I personally donated about 50,000-60,000 pounds (about 1.9-2.28 million baht). "

          "After that, I remember that about 2 days, the donation increased to 140,000 pounds (about 5.32 million baht). After a few weeks after that, the amount was 6 or 7 million pounds (about 228-266 million baht. ) When a large company began to donate Two or three days ago, the amount reached 20 million pounds, "said Rashford.