Not just interested! Man U tried to grab Sancho since 3 years ago


Manchester Evening News, local media in Manchester, in fact, in 2017, Manchester United had previously tried to take J. Don Sancho from Manchester City, and at that time there was still a chance. Closed the deal as well, but in the end, Sancho chose to go to Dortmund, because there is a chance that he will have a chance to play in a larger team game.

Manchester United, the famous club of the English Premier League, has been trying to seize Jedonsho from the army since the launch of Manchester City, antagonists in 2017, according to the revelations of Manchester. Evening News, the famous media in Manchester

    Sancho is one of the most rumored players in Manchester United in recent days. After the 20-year-old made a remarkable contribution to Borussia Dortmund, the "Red Devils" wanted to make their attacking game more dangerous. 

The Manchester Evening News said that in 2017, Manchester United had already tried to take San Jose from Manchester City and Jose Mourinho, their team manager at the time, approved. Also hunting for England At the time, it was said that it could cause a team move, even if it was a direct transfer between two rival teams. To the point that it appeared that the deal had a good chance of ending

    However, in the end, Sancho chose to go to Dortmund for a fee of 8 million pounds (about 320 million baht) because he values ​​the opportunity to play for the big team the most and see that "The Yellow Tiger" can give that to him more than Manchester United, which in the end it really is. Because referred to the opportunity to debut with the big team of the "Yellow Tiger" after moving to beer in the city for about 7 weeks only