Ask "Conte" too! "Parker" suggests "Linard" moved to Inter football.

Ask "Conte" too!  "Parker" suggests "Linard" moved to Inter football.

Former Manchester United footballer Paul Parker has revealed that Jesse Lindard had to move away from Old Trafford to find new challenges to Inter Milan after this season.

"I guess that after the end of this season, Lindard will move the team
because of the situation. He should now become more and more unnecessary for Manchester United," Parker told Eurosport

. Guard used to be a local star in the distant future and has great influence for the team. But when unable to develop oneself to be better than this It's not strange that the new generation of children will do outstanding work, overtaking them all the time. "

" The better the team plays, the more they become bit by bit without knowing it. It is now simply not possible to see a way to seize the position back from Rashford, Bruno or Greenwood. "

"Linkard needs a new agent, like Laola, to take on new challenges in foreign leagues. Inter Milan is the right choice, but the question is, I don't know Conte needs him. Or not? "

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