Barca close the deal, grab "Piano" 60 million euros

Barca close the deal, grab "Piano" 60 million euros

Barcelona officially announced that the midfielder of the club Juventus is joining the team next season.

A statement from Barca said: "Barcelona and Juventus have reached an agreement on the transfer of Mirarlem Piano successfully. With a fee of 60 million euros plus a bonus of 5 million euros, the players will sign a contract for four years. Or until the end of the 2023/24 season, with a contract tear of 400 million euros. "

Previously, Azul Lara Rana announced in the release of Artolo to Juventus for 72 million euros, along with the terms of the contract for another 10 million euros.

Considered the end of negotiations between the two giants of Europe, which has news for many months. Which can be considered as according to the scheduled Because both sides want the negotiations to be completed before June 30, as they want the team to move in the budget of the 2019/20 season.

Pianic, who had moved from AS Roma in the summer of 2016, has played 171 appearances for Juventus, achieving 22 goals.

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