I can't compare! "Owen" revealed the name "3 spearhead" that is the best in Premier League history.


Michael Owen, former England national team striker Frankly commented that Alan Shearer, Thierry Henri and Luis Suárez are the three Strykers who are truly top-class in the history of Premier League."1 of the 3 best Stryker players in the history of the English Premier League? Is the question that most people want to know about how I think about it. ""Therefore, I have to make my first call that Michael Owen is definitely not on the TOP 3 list in this list. Because I would like Alan Shearer and Thierry Henri to be no more comparable. ""As for the 3rd person, I would like to answer in a personal way, a little about Luis Suarez because of the overwhelming quality Exciting form in the middle of Liverpool Makes football fans watch football very entertaining "

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