Former footballer warns Chelsea do not need to sew Sancho to join the army


Former Chelsea defender Frank Sinclair says his former team doesn't need to bring Jedonsho to join the army. Because now the team has a lot of options in the same position  Frank Sinclair, former Chelsea Premier League defender of the English Premier League industry, said "The Indigo Lions" are not to the point that it is necessary to pull the talented wing of Don Sancho. Dortmund to join the army after the end of this season in any way.Sancho continued to perform well with Dortmund. Until he has news about moving the team heavily It is believed that now the Premier League team is still interested in him, leaving only Chelsea and Manchester United after Liverpool do not think that he will fight for his value. There have been rumors that Dortmund set his head at 120 million pounds (about 4,800 million baht) อ่านต่อได้ที่.